If you’ve followed this blog (or just known me) for any length of time, you know my search for the perfect swimsuit has for years been unrelenting. It turns out, all I had to do was ask the right person: Jenna Lyons. Last August, I wrote an open letter to Ms. Lyons, J.Crew’s beloved creative director, pleading for the resurrection of J.Crew’s scoop-back tank suit of the 1990s. That letter was published on the Cut, as was Ms. Lyons’ reply, hinting my wish may indeed be granted. Judging by an ad in this week’s edition of New York Magazine, it has!

I’m presently out of town due to a bit of a family emergency, so I was cheered to see the ad pictured above, compliments of Cut contributor Kat Stoeffel. (Thanks, Kat!) The ad reads: “Dear Ms. Avins, your wish is my command…within reason — xo Jenna.” And the caption at right: “The scoopback tank, resurrected from the archives.” Hooray! I can’t wait to get my hands on an issue — and a swimsuit — for closer examination. It looks like Jenna and her team at J.Crew nailed it, and I am so grateful. Even sweeter that my big sister, who shared all those swimsuits of the ’90s with me, is over from Australia to relish the victory. Jenna and J.Crew, thank you. I look forward to celebrating this all summer.


“Calendar Girls,” 2010
“Summer Swimsuit Search,” 2010



Rachel Comey, High Maintenance

Thumbnail image for Rachel Comey, High Maintenance April 4, 2014

I highly enjoyed this video. High Maintenance // Rachel from Janky Clown Productions on Vimeo. I was a little late to the party on this one, but found it fortuitously while late-night window shopping on Rachel Comey’s website, where it’s currently the background. My sister was sitting beside me and we snuggled up and watched [...]

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Tazreen Factory Owners Jailed in Bangladesh

Thumbnail image for Tazreen Factory Owners Jailed in Bangladesh February 14, 2014

While some of us were wrapped up with New York Fashion Week, two fugitive owners of the Tazreen garment factory in Bangladesh—where 112 workers died in November of 2012 when they were trapped by a fire—turned themselves in to authorities on Sunday. The Guardian reports: Witnesses said several hundred people gathered at the court and [...]

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Save Your Fashion Week Swag Bags for Foundation Onda

Thumbnail image for Save Your Fashion Week Swag Bags for Foundation Onda February 7, 2014

A couple years ago Erin Dixon, my dear friend and editor at Dossier Journal, stepped away for a moment during New York Fashion Week to attend a seminar with Safe Horizons—an organization that helps women overcome domestic abuse by offering shelter, counseling, and court assistance. Needless to say, that seminar, and the horrific circumstances faced [...]

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“Salute the Generals,” For the Wall Street Journal

Thumbnail image for “Salute the Generals,” For the Wall Street Journal January 12, 2014

It took all my resistance not to shop my way through the reporting of this story about next-generation general stores for the Wall Street Journal: There’s nothing generic about the new general store. “We felt like a certain quality, craftsmanship and timeless feel would be more than enough to unify the things we carry,” said [...]

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If You Only Watch One Part of Planet Money’s Tremendous T-Shirt Project, Make it This Video

Thumbnail image for If You Only Watch One Part of Planet Money’s Tremendous T-Shirt Project, Make it This Video December 12, 2013

For real, just head straight to Planet Money’s exquisite site devoted to their “Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt” project, because I promise, you will be consumed and entertained, and you will learn something. So much of the so-called “transparency” in the fashion marketplace right now is just marketing that includes attractive people in factory environs, [...]

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Locavore Perfume: Foraging for Fragrance in Brooklyn

Thumbnail image for Locavore Perfume: Foraging for Fragrance in Brooklyn November 24, 2013

A year or two ago, my friend Jocelyn came to visit me in Brooklyn from California, where we went to college together, and brought me a gift. BIG SUR Wild Harvested Organic Soap read the lettering on the brown craft-paper box, from a brand called Juniper Ridge. I never used it, not because I didn’t like [...]

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