On the (Web) Radio! “Sew & Tell” with Britt Sondreal

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by Jenni Avins on July 30, 2013

Late last week I got to chat with Britt Sondreal, a.k.a. DJ Marie, for her weekly online radio show, “Sew and Tell.” She asked me about my career, my personal history, and my closet, and I really enjoyed blathering on about it all. Now Britt has done a lovely job editing our conversation into some coherent bits about working in fashion production, reporting on the industry, and early sartorial inspirations for last week’s show. The latter subject gave me reason to recall one of my earliest memories of pop cultural inspiration: the cover of Kylie Minogue’s single, “The Locomotion.” I could never get my hair to curl like Kylie’s, but my polka-dotted, tier-skirted dress (a hand-me-down, no less) made me feel spritely and stylish — like a pint-sized Australian pop star.

Thanks to Britt for indulging such happy memories and engaging in some thoughtful conversation about the current state of clothes, fashion, and the media. I’m looking forward to listening to her previously recorded shows with people like Of a Kind founders Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo and “Girls” costume designer Jenn Rogien, and honored to be in their company! I’m also thrilled Britt plays great music in between her interview bytes. She’s already reintroduced me to CSS, from Brazil, and I’m excited for more. Who knows what kinds of looks Britt’s playlists could inspire?


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