Spotlight on Production: Suno’s Nadiyah Bradshaw-Spencer

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by Jenni Avins on July 29, 2013

As many of you know, I think the fashion industry’s production practices should earn as much attention as the designs. To that end, I interviewed Suno’s Nadiyah Bradshaw-Spencer (one of my former co-workers from Edun) for the Cut, and heard a little bit about how she gets Suno’s vibrant printed jumpsuits, dresses, swimsuits, and sneakers made around the world.

Shortly after the Rana Factory collapse in Bangladesh, I got on the phone with Nadiyah (reporting this piece, “Fast Fashion, Unraveled,” for Medium) to talk about production practices, and what it’s like managing relationships with factories around the world. I told Nadiyah how a colleague in audio production once compared his job to being a ninja, in the sense that his best-case scenario is when his work goes completely unnoticed. Nadiyah laughed and said that fashion production is similar. Nadiyah’s work is fascinating, inspiring, and worthy of notice. Read a little bit about it at the Cut!

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