For Medium: Fast Fashion, Unraveled

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by Jenni Avins on May 18, 2013

Just after the catastrophic collapse of the garment factories at Rana Plaza, a friend asked me where she thought she may be able to combine her desire to make a positive difference with her gift and training for fashion. I suggested production, and I wrote about why for Medium.

Here’s a photo from my own production days, on a satisfying, exhausting work trip to Peru. Josh Amos, who was a designer for Edun at the time, is standing beside me. I think training the whole company – including designers – in the social and environmental compliance that should go hand-in-hand with production will be a vital step for success when it comes to building a more sustainable fashion industry. I’m so grateful to have a little bit of experience working with forward-thinking companies, and a lot of personal connections with leaders on the ground — a handful of whom I spoke with for this piece for Medium. Read it here.


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