Over One Thousand People Dead in the Factory Collapse at Rana Plaza

by Jenni Avins on May 10, 2013

They found one survivor in the Rana Plaza wreckage in Dhaka, Bangladesh sixteen days after the garment factory collapse, as the number of lives lost tops one thousand. I hope it’s safe to say now that the race for faster, cheaper clothing has reached its absolute rock bottom. More to come on this. In the meantime, I think the Wall Street Journal, NPR,  and Time – where this photograph was published – all have good coverage if you want to learn more. Also check out the Clean Clothes Campaign.

photo by Taslima Akhter for TIME

Says the photographer:

Every time I look back to this photo, I feel uncomfortable — it haunts me. It’s as if they are saying to me, we are not a number — not only cheap labor and cheap lives. We are human beings like you. Our life is precious like yours, and our dreams are precious too.

Read more: http://lightbox.time.com/2013/05/08/a-final-embrace-the-most-haunting-photograph-from-bangladesh/#ixzz2StzXabUG

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