Fashion Calendar Confusion: A Suggestion

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by Jenni Avins on January 8, 2013

January. Just as I attempt to button my jeans after a month of cookie-bingeing, I’m reminded that in Fashion Land, this is not a season of extended hibernation. No, it’s Resort, which is to say, swimsuit season. Or is it Pre-Fall? Well, it depends on where you look. If you’re shopping, it’s swimsuit season — as J.Crew dutifully reminded subscribers with an email this morning. If you’re an editor, you’re covering Pre-Fall, in presentations that are sort of strewn throughout the month.

CLOSETTOUR Webisode 1: Calendar Girls from Jenni Avins on Vimeo.

The closest I ever came to understanding the Fashion Calendar was in the summer of 2010, when experts including Michelle Goad, Julie Gilhart, and Grace Coddington guided me through its maze of confusion, as I searched for a swimsuit in August. The video is a little bit of a time-warp itself: Michelle hadn’t yet left Marc Jacobs to start her personal shopping app, PS DEPT; Julie was still the Fashion Director at Barneys;  Grace was warily stepping into the public eye in The September Issue. (And I was blonde. And I now live with my “summer crush.”)

Trees were killed and tears were shed, over decoding the information that led to the info-graphic that appears above, indicating when each season’s styles are sold. When I asked Michelle how the calendar could be amended, she made the suggestion you see here. It’s a rash action in which we name the shopping seasons after real seasons, and put the clothes in stores just a little before people will actually want to wear them. It’s so crazy, it just might work.


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